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A small business would receive most of its revenue from the local area surrounding it within a small radius. This is why it is important for such businesses to update their online marketing strategies so as to cover the local market. And, your seo services company would tell you that there is nothing like Local SEO that can help you in increasing your revenue from your local area.

You can get an idea of how Local Search Engine Optimization can help your from the following figures. According to TMP/comScore more than 60% of the local searches have been found to result in a purchase, and that more than 80% of the local searchers also follow-up with the business offline by visiting in-store, by calling or buying.

According to Neilson, more than 75% of online users would first visit the Local Search on the first page and then they would go for Organic and then Paid page. comScore networks reports that over 50% of Americans have replaced the yellow pages books with the web, where they use local search. This insight into the importance of local searches by majority of clients suggests why you should make local SEO an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Ask your seo service and you would find that Google, the leading search engine is aware of the fact that customers are mostly searching for products and services from stores that are close to them. This is the reason why it displays the local results above any other results, even the natural results. Thus, it doesn’t require any saying why a small business should appear in local search listings.

Local SEO can do a lot to add value to your business. Your SEO company can help you through this technique to improve your brand’s visibility in front of your potential customers who are searching for your products or services in your area. When your brand is exposed regularly in front of your customers, it would help in increasing your brand recognition and this can lead them to purchase your products at one time or another.

Your seo service provider would use this strategy to improve your website’s visibility in the local listings. They would rank your website higher on the local result results. Your customers prefer dealing with a local business because it would eliminate the costs involved in transportation and the subsidiaries in between. Thus, if your site is found by the customer in the local search results, there is a good chance that you would get a new customer.

The ROI from local SEO is relatively much higher compared to most other SEO strategies. The enhanced visibility offered by this marketing technique helps a business to maximize its sales, with the revenue generated being much higher than what has been invested.

Since, local search engine optimization is a technique that requires technical expertise, it would be better that you hire a good seo services company. It is not a strategy that you can do yourself with a little amount of information.