Social media marketing is no longer a detached online marketing strategy. More and more seo services are using it in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization. The major reason Social Media Marketing (SMO) has been embraced readily by the SEO industry is due to its dramatic impact on search engine listing. And, the top 3 ways it makes this impact are described here.

Social Media Optimization gets relevant and high-quality inbound links. With the huge success of social media, there is no doubt that en effective SMO campaign can bring you thousands of fresh inbound links for your website. Additionally, when it comes to your site rankings nothing comes near inbound links.

This would give you a clear idea why SMO can give a boost to your site’s rankings. Another plus point that should be added here is that most of these links coming from your SMO campaign are going to be organic links. They are not asked for, not reciprocal and not bought.

Social media can play a big role in your website’s reputation management. This strategy arises from the point that the most popular social media sites have high rankings on search engines. When it is about management of reputation, like popularity, high search engine rankings can prove to be both good and bad based upon the direction in which it goes.

If your  company can leverage these social media sites, it can be simple to achieve the first results page. Your goal, which would be your SEO provider’s goal, is to encourage people to take about your business or website positively on MySpace, Facebook, Digg and YouTube. The negative aspect is that if you cannot manage your presence on social media sites, someone can ruin your image with ease.

The next is that if want an easy way to rank your new website, better rank you webpage on one of the more popular social media sites. As already mentioned, social media sites have high rankings on search engines.

They have extremely powerful domains and even if you have placed a few numbers of links to some internal webpage, you can achieve top rankings. And, a good provider of seo services would be able to do this even if you use competitive terms.

This is an ideal strategy for those who launch their new site and know that it would take sometime to get it ranked. In such a case, the SEO provider can create a MySpace and Facebook profile for the website, upload a few videos onto YouTube and create some good links. The emphasis here is not to say that you should use only SMO to rank your website, but it would certainly help in getting your pages ranked higher and faster.

Thus, you can find how SMO can have a major impact on the SEO of your website. This is the reason more and more businesses are seeking seo service providers with advanced skills in social media optimization, and you should also take advantage of this situation.